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I am aware of this error that comes up when a person wants to try to cut copy or paste into a CMS like Joomla however I want to make sure I understand it. Here is the link to the support question:

It appears that when you place this in the user.js file that if I have multiple pages of modules and content I need to copy paste and cut from on occasion that I have to put the full URL to that individual module in order for me to do that. If I have hundreds of modules I will be working in I would have to place the full URL for each one is that correct. If so is there another tool I can work in so that if I need to cut or copy from those modules to paste in another then what is that tool. I desperately need it. Thanks for your support as always.
Or is there a quick way to copy that list so I can paste it into that user.js file?
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Avinash ZalaWeb Expert

Can you please explain your problem in detail or any live demo available for that.

Link you have given is not working.

I am sorry, but your question is very hard to understand. So I am going to be able to give you only generic advice on copy/paste from FF or any other source.

When you copy from FF (Or any browser) you often take formatting with you. That's usually not desirable as it can mess up the end result.
The quickest way is to copy than paste into Notepad or equivalent text editor (not wordpad or MS Word).

Once the text is so clean you can paste it wherever you want and not carry formatting with you.

Sorry if this has nothing to do with your question but it's the best I can do.
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No I cannot copy paste or cut out of joomla when using firefox.

I think I now understand what the problem is.
In Firefox you cannot copy and paste by R-click when you are using the Joomla editor. At least you can't unless you do some magic to the Chrome and even then results are spotty.

But you can copy/paste using Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V bypassing the mouse. Just open the Editor in Firefox select some text and hit Ctrl-C. You'll see that whatever text you copied you'll be able to paste elsewhere.

Likewise, if you copy text from any source, you can paste it in the text editor in Firefox by hitting Ctrl-v. It will paste fine. I do it many times everyday.

Another trick I use, since the Joomla editor tends to carry formatting with it, is to switch to HTML view in the editor and at that point you can paste using any method you want, but you'll have to restore all formatting manually, including line breaks.

The Joomla JCE editor has a switch to go from HTML to text view rapidly. It also has an advanced HTML window with code coloring and other amenities as well as another less featured window..
 TinyMCE instead makes you click on the HTML window. It has no provision for fast switching between the two views.

Please try and let us know if it works for you.
just use keyboard shortcuts (ctrl-c copy; ctrl-x cut, ctrl-y paste) when firefox blocks right-click copy/cut/paste.
I have done this many times and there isn't a painless solution.
I usually copy from FF using keyboard shortcuts mentioned above and paste into a local editor such as dreamweaver. I can then clean the code up and paste into Joomla. I always disable the editor and past just the code. You can also paste code in editor but don't recommend because it will usually try to re-write it.

About half the time I just re-create if the code is too heavy formatted or copy into notepad and paste text only.

I hope this sums up your options.
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You should know mine does not accept Cntrl C or Cntrl V. It just does not guys. Must have been the editor complicating things.
Something else must be wrong. I have used FF with Joomla for the past 5 years. I tried pretty much every editor there is. I routinely copy and paste from/to joomla with the keyboard shortcuts and/or cut/copy/past in the html or no-editor window.
If none of those work either there is something really wrong (and unusual) with your set up or you are not doing it properly.

I think you should try to take screenshots and upload them here so we can all see them. Better yet, take a video and upload it to youtube and send us the link.
To take a video, download "jing" from techsmith (or get a trial copy of Snagit). It's free, easy to use.

Post the video or videos and let us take a look.

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