Windows XP: Mapped Drive Reconnect at Logon is not happening even though checked off reconnect at logon

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Hi EE,

Does anyone now why when I login to computer after first:
      - mapping a network drive with reconnect at login checked off
      - ctl/alt/delete    +  logoff

that the drives were NOT created?

Tx for your ideas and advice, sandra
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Try using command line to do it.

Type net use x: \\computer name\share name, where x: is the drive letter you want to assign to the shared resource.

add "/persistent:yes" to the end of your share.
Make sure your logon account authorised to access this network share. if not click on Connect Using different user name to add a valid username/password.

Or you can create .bat file and put it to Start>All Programs>Startup. Put the following code to your .bat file

NET USE Z: \\File Server\Shared name
NET USE Z: \\File Server\Shared name /USER:[Domain name\]username (this will use if your logon account doesn't have permission to access the shared folder, [Domain name\] use only this is in a domain environment.)


Hi Inetman,

a) tx for replying... it worked...

b) For EE public,
           the .bat file should contain this:
                             net use x: \\computer name\share name    /persistent:yes

c) just wondering why the reconnect at login of map network drive does not work
d) will put (c) as a scheduled task, and see if pc connects at login

will be back... tx, s
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Hi Sameer,

tx for writing...

possible that what you wrote above applys to me
you see, when i click on the .bat file the drives are created
when i put them in task scheduler, to run when i log in, i see the .bat file running
                  -but-  the drives are not created

maybe i need to add domain? will give it a try... tx, s


Hi Samir,

i tried adding, /USER:domainName to end of line
     and the dos file just stopped and waited for me to enter a password
         so i exitted the dos run
               removed /user:domainname
                    and .bat file runs fine manually

how can i have it run as a scheduled task at log on?
or is it better to put in start up folder? tx, s



i disabled the task in scheduled tasks
and instead, copied it to AllUsers/startup folder

logged off, signed in,
   i see the .bat file run - but the network connections have not been made

a)Does anyone know what command i could put in the .bat file to pause it so that i could
see if there are any error msgs, bec. the .bat file disappears so fast?

b) does anyone know the diff bet. logoff and restart other than that logoff  brings up the signin screen
    pretty quickly?

tx, s
Create .bat file with following code

"NET USE Z: \\File Server\Shared name /USER[Domain name\username password" without quotes. If you don't like to keep the password on .bat file remove it and it'll prompt you to enter when you log in to the computer.

To Schedule it to run at log on. Create new task and browse the bat file to run as the task (See image 1)
and Select AT LOGON to run it when you log in to the computer (See image 2)



Hi Sameer,

a) ok, would like to be prompted for the password
    USER[Domain name\    <-  USER is followed by a bracket  or a colon?

b) tx very much for the screenshots - yes , that's the way i did it
maybe i'm doing a) incorrectly

here is my code:
   net use Z: \\aaa\bbb "/persistent:yes"
aaa and bbb rep. real values not sure if am allowed to put the real values on the internet.
can you pls add to the above sentence how to type the domain part

tx, s


did more research using google
    and for now, put the .bat file that creates the share
               in another .bat that calls the scripts that uses the network drive
below is the bat file.

Also in the code window below, is the bat file that creates the share

tx everyone for your help... s

Will close out this post, and post a new question relating to:

Still puzzled why putting the .bat file in startup or with scheduler does not work.
i read on the internet that if server recognizes your user/pswd, do not have to explicitly provide that

call C:\ARG_99_Scripts\ARG_99_01_MasterScript\batCreateShare.bat

rem pause

CALL :\ARG_99_Scripts\ARG_99_03_DailyElective_Availability_script\bat001_TotalScriptRun_ElectivesAvailability.bat
CALL :\ARG_99_Scripts\ARG_99_07_DailyElective_CatalogM3M4_script\bat001_TotalScriptRun_ElectiveCatalog_M3M4.bat
CALL :\ARG_99_Scripts\ARG_99_08_DailyElective_CatalogM1M2_script\bat001_TotalScriptRun_ElectiveCatalog_M1M2.bat

@echo off
net use z: /delete

Echo Mapping the Z: Drive
net use Z: \\aaa\bbbb /persistent:yes

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