SharePoint 2007 on a Mac with the latest Internet Explorer and links are not working

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I have a user that has a Mac and is using the latest Internet Explorer to access SharePoint 2007 and links inside the document library don't function and some other elements don't work at all. When they use Firefox the links work but users can't upload multiple documents.
I have no Apple computers to test on or even look at so i'm blind but need to fix what i don't think MS supports.

Help Please.

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There is no "fix" really. I think the last Mac version of IE was 5.somthing, which is not at all on the list for browsers SharePoint works with.
It has always been known that the experience on a Mac is a lot less with 2007.
Here are some links to explain it further. Note that the Level 1 browsers are strictly Windows versions when used with MOSS, this changes with SharePoint 2010. 
Thats great information but there is something i found that helps with this:

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