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I have a user who is part time and their emails are configured in Active Directory to forward to their supervisor and the option to deliver messages to both forwarding address and mail box are selected. This way the supervisor gets all the messages and part time user receives his email too. The problem is that the supervisor has gone on vacation and has set up an out of office message and when an email is sent to the part time user the sender receives an out of office from the supervisor. Is it possible to keep the forwarding enabled, but not have the supervisor's out of office reply sent when an email is addressed to the part time user? We are running exchange 2003.
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The only thing you can do is to disable sending of out of office replies to the Internet as per:

If it's internal users the only option is to remove the forward.
I don't think that this is directly possible. Since the supervisor is getting all of the part time persons emails anyway, why not grant permissions to the supervisor for the mailbox? That way, the supervisor can have his/her emails open AND the part time staff members mail open as well. The out of office replies will then only apply to the supervisors email...(Hope that makes sense)

Have you tried setting up the out of office rule in the supervisors mail account to only reply to mesages sent directly to the supervisor?

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