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We used to use Abra for HR & Payroll. We have since moved on to another solution of HR and have been using it for the past year. We recently were approached by Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau stating that our Insurance company failed to provide them with 2008 earnings report. So we need to pull this data from Abra.

Assuming something like this would happen, and just so we had 'records' going forward, I left the Abra server intact. So upon hearing this, my first thought was just to open Abra on the server and pull the reports needed. However, something has been broken on that install (which hasn't been used in a year) and Abra does not start up. Before we transitioned, I not only copied the Abra folder itself, but also the programs/Data tree to another location. Likewise as instructed by Abra, I did an Backup through the program. So with the install broken on the Server, I decided that rather than mess with the original install, I would install a copy of Abra locally and do a restore from my workstation. So I installed, set up an enterprise and a Company, and went to Processes>System>Restore Data and the following Alert is thrown:

Backup/Restore: There are no employers to select from. Either no employers have been set up, or you do not have access to any established employers. [OK]

I'm sure this is something to do with the way i set up the new install, it's literally been 10 years since I had to set up a company.

Can someone provide precise steps to restoring a Company from a copy of the Abra Folder? Pretend the Server crashed and all I have is a snapshot of the Abra folder on a backup drive.

Determine why the Abra install on the server is not functioning. When I open Abra on the Server, I receive the attached dialog box.  This may be the easier alternative, since running from the original install would be ideal.

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It appears that what was broken was not ABRA itself but the database program it uses. ABRA uses Foxpro as it's database engine. Have you attempted to run the Crystal Reports function outside of ABRA to see if you can create a report for the information you need?


Thanks for a point in the right Direction. I looked through some old customs we had made, thinking I could prolly just ham up a report with what they wanted. Those wouldn't hit the database. So I backed up my backup :/ ...and ran a repair install on the 'active' install hoping it would restore whatever went wonky with foxpro, and Abra started fine.

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