Best practice to move AD to new domain, and exchange 03 to 2010

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Hello all, and thanks in advance for your advice.

I am migrating domain A to domain B.  Including exchange mailboxes from 2003 to 2010 on the new domain.  

Domain A is using server 2003, and exchange 2003. About 100 users and mailboxes.

Domain B is using server 2003, exchange 2010 (on s2k8)

I have ADMT setup and tested to move all users/groups/sigs etc. Can I move everything over first, and then migrate mailboxes to the new domain?

I'm sure this is going to be oodles of fun.  Thanks again all

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Swing migration:

Exchange 2003\2010 URL:

Exchange 2010 Mailbox Server Role Requirements Calculator :


Exchange 2010 Prerequisites:

Transitioning to Exchange 2010:

Upgrade to Exchange 2010:

Exchange 2010 System Requirements:

Install Exchange 2010 in an Existing Exchange 2003 Organization:

Exchange 2003 - Planning Roadmap for Upgrade and Coexistence:


Finally, Demazter has also written a great article on migration. It applies the SBS but the process is basically the same.



Do any of these address the fact that im also changing domains?  Not sure if that makes a big difference?
I would recommend having a look at this

To answer you question, yes you can move the AD stuff(user, groups, computers) first and then move Mailboxes later. This requires disabling SID filtering and enabling SID history on the trust.  I tested the same for a customer. I was able to move users, groups and computers to the new (target) domain, while also being able you use exchange in the old (source) forest and then migrated the mailboxes at a later time. This allowed me handle one crisis (product) at a time.



Exactly my goal.  One catastrophe at a time :)

Thanks to both of you will get out my reading glasses!


Thanks guys.  Moving along well!  Things are coming together now.  Another quick question.
 I've transferred a mailbox.  No problems.  When i logon to a machine on the same domain as the exchange server, all is fine.

Currently the office is on a different domain pending to be moved over to the same domain the exchange server is on.  If I login to my old domain and connect to the new 2010 server, it seems to work, but fails on the send receive.  If I exit outlook and come back in, the testmail i sent is there, but still errors out on the send receive.  Encryption is turned on in the profile.  

I'd like it to work on the old domain so i dont have migrate all the desktop profiles till after the mail migration.  Probably just an AD issue?  The domains are trusted in both directions.

Thanks again guys!
Justin DurrantSr. Engineer - Windows Server/Virtualization

Super! Sorry I didn't reply sooner.. crazy day. :)

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