Continue to get 9871 online maintenance overlap errors after adjusting cleanup schedules

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After noticing 9871 errors for overlapping cleanup maintenance schedules I adjusted them accordingly, allowing for 15 minute intervals between each start time.  However I continue to get the 9871 errors:

"There is an online maintenance overlap for database "Fifth Storage Group\Shared-Mailboxes".
Please revise the online maintenance schedule."

When I output the schedules from the SCC mailbox server (below) I don't see the overlap in schedules.

What's up?



Get-MailboxDatabase | fl MaintenanceSchedule> c:\maintenance

MaintenanceSchedule : {Sun.8:15 PM-Sun.9:00 PM, Mon.8:15 PM-Mon.9:00 PM, Tue.8:
                      15 PM-Tue.9:00 PM, Wed.8:15 PM-Wed.9:00 PM, Thu.8:15 PM-T
                      hu.9:00 PM, Fri.8:15 PM-Fri.9:00 PM, Sat.8:15 PM-Sat.9:00

MaintenanceSchedule : {Sun.9:15 PM-Sun.10:00 PM, Mon.9:15 PM-Mon.10:00 PM, Tue.
                      9:15 PM-Tue.10:00 PM, Wed.9:15 PM-Wed.10:00 PM, Thu.9:15
                      PM-Thu.10:00 PM, Fri.9:15 PM-Fri.10:00 PM, Sat.9:15 PM-Sa
                      t.10:00 PM}

MaintenanceSchedule : {Sun.10:15 PM-Mon.12:00 AM, Mon.10:15 PM-Tue.12:00 AM, Tu
                      e.10:15 PM-Wed.12:00 AM, Wed.10:15 PM-Thu.12:00 AM, Thu.1
                      0:15 PM-Fri.12:00 AM, Fri.10:15 PM-Sat.12:00 AM, Sat.10:1
                      5 PM-Sun.12:00 AM}

MaintenanceSchedule : {Sun.12:15 AM-Sun.2:00 AM, Mon.12:15 AM-Mon.2:00 AM, Tue.
                      12:15 AM-Tue.2:00 AM, Wed.12:15 AM-Wed.2:00 AM, Thu.12:15
                       AM-Thu.2:00 AM, Fri.12:15 AM-Fri.2:00 AM, Sat.12:15 AM-S
                      at.2:00 AM}

MaintenanceSchedule : {Sun.2:15 AM-Sun.4:00 AM, Mon.2:15 AM-Mon.4:00 AM, Tue.2:
                      15 AM-Tue.4:00 AM, Wed.2:15 AM-Wed.4:00 AM, Thu.2:15 AM-T
                      hu.4:00 AM, Fri.2:15 AM-Fri.4:00 AM, Sat.2:15 AM-Sat.4:00

MaintenanceSchedule : {Sun.4:15 AM-Sun.6:00 AM, Mon.4:15 AM-Mon.6:00 AM, Tue.4:
                      15 AM-Tue.6:00 AM, Wed.4:15 AM-Wed.6:00 AM, Thu.4:15 AM-T
                      hu.6:00 AM, Fri.4:15 AM-Fri.6:00 AM, Sat.4:15 AM-Sat.6:00
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Event ID 9871 is logged when the maintenance window is over for a database but a transaction is still being processed. with the way Exchange database is designed, the transaction has to finish , it wont stop just because the online maintenance window is finished, thats the reason the 9871 is thrown. this one is introduced in E2K7 SP1. we can extend the online maintenance window to avoid this event.

we should not expect to hit this event if there is a significant gap between Online Maintenance end & the next start times. this is confusing & for most of it I know there is a bug filled for this issue at MS

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