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I am working with a  client that sends themselves emails through a picture program, then sends them out to other people. His emails suddenly started being marked as "Spam" and going to his spam email folder. How can i make his emails always go to the inbox?
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Select the message, Then go to Actions / Junk Email / Add the sender to the safe senders list.
Outlook uses an algorithm to determine if an email is spam. If it is getting caught as Spam on his PC - the emails to others may also be going to a spam folder. It would be a good idea to modify the mails so they don't get marked as spam.

There are lots of web pages with tips about how not to get marked as spam, but to start with I would:
1. Use the recipients name in the email e.g   Hi John,
2. don't mention suspect words - Free, trial, win, etc
3. Give the email a subject.
4. Put some information in the message body.


It had to do with Norton Anti-SPam

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