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gpresult and rsop.msc returns non-existent domain

akyuen used Ask the Experts™

I have 5 client computers that are able to log onto a domain, but are not receiving the GPO that is set to run on all authenticated users.  When I type in gpresult on the client machine, I receive the follow output:

Server: myservername.com
ipaddress: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

*** (myservername.domain.com) can't find gpresult: Non-existent domain

the server name and the ipaddress are correct.
Any ideas?
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Do you get the same error if you run "nslookup <servername.domain.com>" ?
CD into C:\Windows\System32 folder and try running this comman again
Looks like your PATH is off
DrDave242Principal Support Engineer
You appear to be trying to run gpresult from an nslookup prompt.  Type "exit" to get out of nslookup, then try gpresult again.
To know the problem more in deep, pls run the gpresult /v >r.txt
And then open the r.txt try to pest the result to know the exact error.
This error you are getting only 5  clients , means that all the other client are not facing any issue.
Pls try to give log of both the system working and not working tooo…

Chandar Singh