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Elastix 1.6 Intermittent Phone quality Problems

Don Coleman
Don Coleman used Ask the Experts™
Hello,  I was wondering if someone could help assist me in troubleshooting an issue with our PBX system.  We have recently started experiencing line cuttouts and every so often the people on the other end cant hear us but we can hear them.  We are using a digium FXO card with 2 vonage lines and also one SIP Trunk though Broadvoice and are experiencing the problems on both lines.  Any Ideas on how to trouble shoot this issue would be appreciated.
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sound like somebody is downloading torrents - check your bandwidth usage.
95% of voice quality issues can be traced to too much traffic on the network - usually caused by a few morans who cant live without internet radio, or youtube, etc.

Depending on the router you are using you may be able to enable some basic QoS. You need to allocate bandwidth for SIP or VoIP calls. Some routers allow you to set aside a specific amount of bandwidth for these calls. If this is the case setting aside 80-100kb/s per call will prevent the other services from affecting your calls. Some may allow you to prioritize the VoIP traffic. In this case set VoIP traffic as the highest level, http as the second or third priority, and email to the next level.

If your router doesn't allow this, get a Linksys Network Optimizer and place it between your incoming network and the router/switch. This way all traffic has to pass through this device and these settings can be updated automatically for you.


Ended up being a comcast problem in the area with there upload speeds.