Survey / Voting (along with facility to comment) for image library or list with a Picture

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I have a scenario as follows
1> I have to create a custom list or Image Library (or Survey with pictures).
2> Then that list/library should be provided for Survey/voting.
3> user has the ability to vote for one the images of their choice
4> user has the ability to post comments with each image

Can you please provide me various options, so that i can try implementing? In this scenario Artists add
various images and survey is conducted on that. So i couldnt use the Survey option.

These kind of surveys happen very frequently in our organization, so they are looking for generalized solution

Thanks a lot in adv
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It sounds as though you need three lists: Images, Comments, and Votes.

The Image list is straightforward. Users can upload images to it, but you'll presumably need a way to control the submissions so that you can stop them and begin the survey. You'll also need a custom view to display the images when conducting the survey.

The comments should be added to a separate list as there is a one-to-many relationship between the images and the comments. These can be tied together so that comments are displayed when the image is selected.

I'm not convinced that a SP Survey is the best way to actually conduct the survey. I don't see a way to do that and present the images for voting, and there is only one question anyway. So maybe this could just be a custom list tied to the image list. You'll need to introduce some sort of control logic to start and stop the survey, restrict users to a single vote, and tally the results. This is probably going to require some custom programming to achieve, as I don't see a way to do this OOTB. See the attached picture below for my interpretation of what you are asking for.
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