Resizing a VMDK and using Windows XPE

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I have a VMDK file that I'm trying to attach to a VMware server. I don't know the details about the version it was created on, but apparently the disk was sized to 82 GB. I'm trying to decrease this, however, since that's larger than the remaining free space on the server I'm using. When I create a new VM and attach this VMDK as its hard drive, I can see the option to increase the size of the partition but I apparently can't decrease it.

The other question i had was with regard to what kind of OS I should configure it as in Ubuntu. At the moment I have it set to XP 32-bit, but is there a different setting that I should use for XPE?
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The Way I would decrease the site would be to boot the VM using a disk-imaging tool like paragon's drive-image, and then use that tool to make a backup image of the virtual disk. When that is done create a new VM with a smaller HD, and restore the image you just made to that new VM. Provided the new image isn't smaller than the space used in the original Virtual Disk, this should work. I also usually set the disks of the VM's to add the space when it is required, this means that even if you assign 40GB to your VM's HD, the actual size used on the physical HD will at first be much less.
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You can download Vmware vcenter converter that gives you the option during the wizard to decrease or increase disk sizes.

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Most probably you attach it as "system drive", you cannot extend sytem drive on the fly like vista/win2k8 so you need to attach that vmdk to a temp Windows VM and run "diskpart"


The vmware tool was the easiest solution, but rindi had a good point/suggestion as well. Thank you.

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