how to boot a virtualized vcenter server that is shut down or not responding

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Running vsphere esx hosts and our vcenter server is a virtual machine and has the database local to it.  VMWare tools needed to be upgraded, but it wouldn't upgrade properly, so i uninstalled the tools and was going to reboot and then reinstall the tools.  After I rebooted it, it never came back up.  Not sure if it is hung or shut down.  Since I can't use the VIC client to connect, how to I troubleshoot this and get the virtualized vcenter server back up?
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Connect ot the ESX host(s) with the VI Client, find which one has the virtual center VM on it and manually reset or start it. Then when its up, connect to its console and make sure the virtual center service is started  -job done sit back light your pipe and admire your handiwork :)
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I agree with PeteLong.  This is one of the reason I try to avoid having vCenter as a VM, or at least the SQL DB.  

For next time just note which esx host it's sitting on and do the vmware tools directly from the esx host.


Boy, I got so used to connecting to vcenter that I completely forgot I could connect to individual hosts...  my bad.  Thanks!

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