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Register SharePoint URL In DNS In A Closed Environment

jrfruth used Ask the Experts™
Details of my environment:

I have a test setup which is not intended to be used by any clients outside of the test network.

Essentially I have 3 machines:

Server 1: Windows Server 2008 R2; Domain controller and DNS server; domain FQDN = dc1.domain.com

Server 2: WIndows Server 2008 R2; SharePoint 2010; FQDN = sp1.domain.com

Client 1: WIndows 7; Test Client (IE); FQDN = clt1.domain.com


My goal is to be able to browse the SharePoint site from the Test client via http://domain and/or http://domain.com

I am able to browse the site if I use the SharePoint server machine name:  http://sp1

I'm guessing this is as simple as creating some sort of record in DNS, I'm just not sure what kind of record to create.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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That link has some very good explanations for which DNS records do what...I have it bookmarked and normally mail it off to new system admins that are doing on-the-job training.

You stated that you are already to browse the site if you use the server name.  So what you could do, is go into DNS and create an A record to point that name to the IP address of the SP server.  You could also use a CNAME record, but you would want an A record pointing to it also with the original host name.

Hope this helps.


Awesome, as simple as creating a Host A record!!  That worked beautifully.  Also thanks for the link explaining what the other types of records are.  Bonus!

Thanks again,
You're welcome!  There's a reason I keep that link around :)  Haha!  Thanks for the points!