finger program in Fedora

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How to check if finger is enabled or not? and under which dir can I find it?

I don't have inetd.conf in my machine.

could you advise me.

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If it's installed you will be able to simply run it (should be in a path). If you want to know where it (or anything for that matter) is you can use the locate command.

Become root, run updatedb first then locate finger. If it's not installed you can install with RPM. rpm -ivh <packagename>

Sorry - the forum interpreted my brackets as XML - the command i:

rpm -ivh packagename
Try this (0 means not present, 1 means present)

#which finger &> /dev/null ; echo $?

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OOPS.. It's reverse.. 1 means not present, 0 means present

And if it is enabled, this should tell you where it is:

where finger

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#which finger

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I found this :

[root@localhost ~]# which finger &> /dev/null ; echo $?
[root@localhost ~]# which finger
[root@localhost ~]#

So, how can I disable it?

Try running this command:

yum remove finger



I think it will remove the program, but there is no way to just make this services(finger) disabled?

finger is just the command (/application). The service would be fingerd (the finger daemon) which is typically run with inetd. Chances are, if you don't have inetd you're not running the finger service/daemon. You just have the command.

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