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Pete LongTechnical Consultant

you be missing a graphic sir ?

Technical Consultant
Your meta tags and keywords are excellent mind!!
I like the site design...a LOT!  It was very easy to navigate.  My only "pet peeve" if you will, is that I dislike menus that open when I hover over them.  An example of this would be your top menu (testimonials, contacts, faq, etc).  When you hover over it, it pops the menu out...sometimes setting a delay on that could be a good thing, because I could have just been moving my mouse to do something else, and now I have this menu in the way :P

A prime example...say I added things to my cart, and went to check out, but moused up a little too far, wasn't paying attention, and clicked where the "checkout" link is...but because I went a little too far up, the "About Us" menu has now dropped down to cover the "checkout" link.

That truly is the only thing wrong, and it's just a personal preference of mine.  I much prefer menus that have a three second delay on them OR menus that you have to click in order to drop down (in which case I usually insert a little downward pointing triangle to indicate that the menu is supposed to expand).  So don't take that to heart.

But you should move the "checkout" link a little lower though, "just in case" this happens to another visiter!

Great site, very well designed, and the colors match perfectly in my opinion!
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I'm a "facebook addict" in my spare time...love the "share" link at the bottom!

Is that the main page?  If it is, there is supposed to be an embedded video there...shows up for me on Opera, FireFox, and IE
mediocre to average site.  Nothing really appealing or eye-grabbing.  I would click out of it in about a 20 second visual appraisal.  I seriously doubt the content / layout will drive much business to your door.
Pete LongTechnical Consultant

Is that the main page?  

yes - I'm using chrome - which has bother with wmv files  but I've fixed that cause I use them on my own site, blogged here http://www.petenetlive.com/KB/Article/0000184.htm


feedback received and appreciated!

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