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InfoPath 2007 not allowing repeating table to be master/detail

zintech used Ask the Experts™
I am using InfoPath 2007, and I have a repeating table that I would like to be master/detail with another repeating table.  However, the options to to this are greyed out on the table properties section.  Does anyone know how I can do this?
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Clay FoxDirector of Business Integration

I believe this is based on InfoPath evaluation of the data.  Do you have primary keys and relationships set correctly.

Try something simple in a new form and learn the nuances and then apply that to your final goal.


One of the tables has a primary key, the other does not.  The tables are related and joined by the same field.  I did try in a new form but I cannot change anything.  The Master/Detail options are greyed out
Director of Business Integration
I believe the second would need a primary key as well.

Are you making a database form?

Based on the parent table?

Then adding the child table and establishing the relationship in the wizard?