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What or where do i find the command line commands for creating a vpn user for the cisco 1841 router?

I need to create a vpn user not for terminal.
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It would be the same local user database, here is a section of a Cisco document on it:


I actually needed the commands for command line.
I know how to do it,
username person privilege 7 password passw0rd

But for some reason the vpn account would not work. The information was there but the account would not login???

I went ahead and downloaded the SDM (thx for the link) and it shows the account there. I tried the account again, and boom it connected.

Most likley my gi-normous fingers tripped during the pw section.

Thank you anyways for the help

(Partially, because i needed command line, and an A because it would have been resolved either way, and you were quick to respond)
Glad I could help!

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