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Save Java project to Subversion repository

RichardSDetsch used Ask the Experts™
How to save a Java project to a newly created Subversion repository using the NetBeans IDE
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I think you can use the Team->Subversion->Import into Repository... option to load your project.  You'll probably want to run a clean first, commit the source and config folders, then build and ignore the 'build' and 'dist' folders.  If you are versioning the NetBeans project configuration as well, you'll want to ignore the nbproject/private folder too, otherwise every developer will see changes to that folder.

Other option is to use something like TortoiseSVN to create the repository, then checkout the trunk and move your NetBeans project files into it and reopen the project from that folder.  NetBeans will automatically recognize it as a SVN project and give you the option to add all your folders and files.  I usually do things this way instead of trying to do the import, but that should work too.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the hint about using tortiosSVN it is a good workaround