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I need to send a newsletter every week to 150,000 users.
I currently use sendblaster ( http://www.sendblaster.com/ ) but with that amount of mails it takes about 40 hours to complete the task, and with some bugs in the software i need an alternative.

I was thinking about the aplication that send the emails is installed directly in my datacenter server.
Maybe like some bash script or php script that place a proccess in linux and not need to run with a browser open.

Any suggestions?

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First, what Distro are you running?  Second, with sending that massive amount of email you risk being blacklisted....most places will see that as spamming and your emails will not likely reach their intended targets anyways.  That is why there are ISP based services out there, to prevent you from being blacklisted and preventing all of your regular emails being blocked.  But if you are wanting to try it...need more info.

I would suggest you be VERY cautious if you choose to do it from your domain.


Im running RHEL 4, so can you recommend me some ISP services
i know http://www.yourmailinglistprovider.com/
can you post alternatives

Thank you