"RCPT Command failed" when sending to outside e-mail addresses

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I have an ASP application that is using Dundas e-mailer, and is working fine when I send out a message to an internal e-mail address.  when I specify an external e-mail address, it gives me the error

Dundas.Mailer 1 error '80004005'

The RCPT Command failed.  The specified account does not exist

/save asp, line 190.

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I am also posting the code for the mailing portion below.

		'declare the Mailer object
		Dim objMailer
		'create the Mailer object
		Set objMailer = server.createobject("Dundas.Mailer")
		'set content type for plain or HTML
		'objMailer.ContentType = "text/html"
		'objMailer.ContentType = "text/plain"
		'specify the name of the sender
		objMailer.FromName = "ABC CEnters"
		'specify the email address of the sender
		objMailer.FromAddress = "info@ABCCenters.com"
		'specify the SMTP server to use in sending
		objMailer.SMTPRelayServers.add ""
		'specify the recipient(s) name and address
		objMailer.TOs.add txtClientEmail,txtClientName
		objMailer.BCCs.add "info@ABCCEnters.com","ABC Centers"
		'specify the message body text
		objMailer.HtmlBody = EmailMessage
		'send the email... this returns true or false upon completion.
		DIM MailSent
		MailSent = objMailer.SendMail()
		'destroy the object
		set objMailer = nothing

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Any and all help is appreciated.

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Because of the volume of email sent out , the appliancation sometimes automatically black lists th external address .
This resulted in exactly what you described; all internal people got the notification, all external did not and an smtp 550 error was logged.

you might have to check this and the other possibility is On the Exchange server if you hadIP addresses of the AOS's in the SMTP Default Virtual Server properties (Relay restrictions) but
that does not work if you are emailing a report because the ip address of the
client is used. From omy understanding the AOS ip address is used when a
batch job or if it is running on the server side. So  enter  the range
of your Networks IP addresses and see if it works.


What do you mean by the AOS's?
App Object server....did u check if the external address is not black listed mate?


A few weeks ago we were blacklisted as we had a Trojan on one of our PC's. The PC was rebuilt and we were taken off all blacklists. That was around the 16th or so of June. The last email that went out using this mailer was on June 22nd . Nothing out of the ordinary happened since the 22nd. I checked all the blacklist websites and our IP is ok. We do not have a blacklist here at our company to block outside IP's so i think that rules that outunless I am missing something. As for the SMTP Default Virtual Server properties , we do not run a relay here and I do not see anything in the Exchange referring to AOS. Can you be more specific about the Exchange part. Thanks.

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