Can I sync Data from a Windows Mobile device to ActiveSync 4.5 wirelessly?

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Not sure if this is something that can be done.  We have a new set of Palms here we use for deliveries.  We are not trying to sync email, or connect to an Exchange server for that matter.  What we are trying to do is configure an install of Active Sync to transfer and pull data from an industry specific application into a directory on the server running the Active Sync client.

Out question is this.  I have been reading that MS disabled this ability due to security reasons a few versions ago it seems like, right around 4.0 or something like that.  Is there maybe a third party application, add-in, something, that will allow us to get through the configuration of active sync to allow it to talk to a hand held device without requiring the use of an Exchange server, AND without having to be docked to the machine running the active sync program?

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That is correct! Ms took that functionailty out versions ago. I think there was one alternative, I will research and get back to you.
 Funambol Windows Mobile Sync Client should be able to help you check the link below


Yep, thats what we needed to know, that Active Sync is not the way to go since the functionality was removed, thanks everyone, we're sticking with Palm for now.

Thanks again!

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