Exchange 2007 OWA redirection breaks Outlook anywhere

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Hi all,

I have a fairly standard Exchange 2007 SP1 implementation;  1 x CAS/Hub server and CCR cluster.  Running on Windows Server 2008 SP2.

-OWA works, no problem.  I have a cert so https is fine.
-Outlook Anywhere works fine.

CAS/Hub is behind Juniper firewall.

I wanted to simplify the OWA URL so users didn't have to remember to add /owa at the end of the URL, so I followed the instructions at which is straight forward.

After this, OWA redirection works great, users no longer need to add /owa to the URL.  However, it broke Outlook Anywhere.

I removed the redirection and Outlook Anywhere works again.

My simple mind sees cause and effect, so I guess this has to do with the redirection.  Redirection off OA works.  Redirection on, OA doesn't work.  Redirection off, OA works.

Only the default web site was redirected, I removed the inherited redirection from the sub directories.

Can anyone suggest a solution for this?  It seems like I can have one or the  other but not both.  Is there some other way to redirect?  We don't have ISA or TMG.

I'm in UK won't won't be checking answers until the morning so don't think me ignorant if I don't reply straight away :o)

Many thanks,

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I know this is not a fix to your problem, but I thought I would throw it out there anyway.  We use a different domain and just do a standard Redirect, i.e. points to
We ran into the same problem you did; and this was the easiest solution without breaking something.


Please could you verify that RPC virtual directory in IIS Manager does not had redirection

And then test Outlook anywhere(RPC over HTTP) on and verify the result and let us now.



Hi all,

Thanks for the replies.

axcess_internet - that sounds like a nice simple solution, certainly a workaround if I can't get it resolved.

SatyaPathak - I will give that a go and see if that works for me.  It sounds promising.

kris - the RPC virtual directory did not have redirection, I specifically removed all redirection from the virtual directories as they inherit it from the default web site when you first implement the redirection.  Outlook Anywhere is currently working fine as I removed the redirection completely last night after testing but I will try again later and run the connectivity test to see what the results are.

I cannot test anything until the end of the day to avoid disruption as we have a single CAS/hub server.
I will update later when I can get some testing done with annoying users.

Thanks all,



Hi there,

Sorry that i have not updated the question for a while.  Both your suggestions worked fine, I haven't decided which one to stick with so I have split the points.

Hope this is OK.



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