Redundant Email setup with Local Exchange and WebHost Backup

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I currently have Exchange 2007 setup for my business internally.
I intend to make my exchange server redundant so that if the line goes down to my business another server will recieve and store any emails until the line comes good.

I was hoping that I could setup my web hosting account to be the backup mx record but I wanted to know what the steps are that are required for such a setup?

If I set the lowest MX record to point to my local exchange server and a higher MX record to point to the webdomain what other steps are required?

I am using CPanel to control the webhosted server and I have attached a setup I have just created as an image (the mx record with priority 10 is the webserver.

I'm not sure how the Email routing section works but I have chosen the "Backup" option which has a description of: Configure server as a backup mail exchanger. Mail will be held until a lower number mail exchanger is available.

I do not want to have to add any mailboxes to the webhosted server I just want any emails that cannot be delivered to my exchange server to be stored at the web server and forwarded to the exchange server once the line is back up.
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You sound like you have everything configured properly.

You should point the lower number mx priority record to your server and the higher number mx priority record to the backup server and it looks like the backup server option you have chosen is fine.


Hey thanks for the reply Alanhardisty,
Do you know of anyway other than a manual outage of the primary exchange server to see if it works?
Also is there usually somewhere that you can setup how often the secondary mailserver checks for the existance of the primary to offload any recieed mail to?
Alan HardistyCo-Owner
Top Expert 2011

To check the flow of mail, you can telnet to the secondary mx IP address and send a manual test message.

Not sure about the frequency of sending from the secondary mail server to the primary server.  You would have to talk to the backup mx host provider to see if they can adjust their settings as it depends on their server type.

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