Using a Virtual Machine with Video Editing Software

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I have just installed parallel on my mac and installed Windows Vista.  I am trying to use the Video Editing Software called Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 to edit some video from my camcorder.  I have the camcorder plugged in as normal but it is saying that the camcorder cannot be found.  I know when I plugged in a usb device it asked me if I want to associate it with the Mac or the Virtual machine but it didn't ask it when I plugged in the firewire cord for the camcorder.

Is there a way to make the firewire plug associate with the virtual machine?

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If you open Device Manager on Vista, does it show any devices that are listed with a ? or !..if so, you might need to install a driver for it.


I didn't see anything in the Device Manager.   That is what is making me think for some reason the virtual machine isn't recognizing that it is plugged in.  I did check on the mac in a different program and it worked so I know the camcorder and firewire cord are ok.
I'm not really a Mac person, but generally speaking, Virtual Machines have limited access to your hardware.  Just because it can access USB devices from a Virtual Machine, doesn't mean it can access FireWire devices from the Virtual Machine.

Instead of Parallels, you may need to use Boot Camp, and boot Vista natively on your Mac, in order to use your FireWIre camera.


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