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SharePoint Feature failed to deploy from solution

MelodyJT used Ask the Experts™
I tried to deploy a custom solution .wsp file and I received this error:
A feature with ID 5e4d7eb4-c5f9-40c4-b31d-a60c79e6b01f has already been installed in this farm.  Use the force attribute to explicitly re-install the feature.

How do I re-install the feature and if it resides in the .wsp, how do I choose the feature to re-install. Below is the image of what is in the solution properties:

Thanks Solution Properties
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This could be caused by not retracting the solution properly and then deploying it again. As long as you're sure the feature belongs with the solution I would:

"%stsadm%" -o deactivatefeature -id 5e4d7eb4-c5f9-40c4-b31d-a60c79e6b01f -force
"%stsadm%" -o uninstallfeature -id 5e4d7eb4-c5f9-40c4-b31d-a60c79e6b01f -force
"%stsadm%" -o retractsolution -name "%wsp%" -immediate
"%stsadm%" -o execadmsvcjobs
"%stsadm%" -o deletesolution -name "%wsp%"
"%stsadm%" -o execadmsvcjobs

Then deploy it again.
you cannot install solution twice, once you install you need to upgrade the solution. use this

Stsadm -o upgradesolution -name VersionDemo.wsp -filename VersionDemo.wsp -immediate -allowgacdeployment