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Installing SSL on Cisco 5508 wireless

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When connecting to a Cisco 5508 and launching your web browser, the system redirects the user to authenticate to a web address of using a SSL connection. The SSL is not a trusted certificate authority so we get the prompt on the web saying so. We would like to install a SSL so the user does not get that message. When I attempt to get an SSL with vendors like godaddy or verisign, they do not accept an IP of that is not RFC1918 compliant (192.168x,172.16.x.10.x). What options can I do to get the SSL issued? Also, I believe the IP has to be something like that is not routable because the Cisco intercepts your browser to point to that internal server address.
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Why not just, in Internet Explorer or other browser, add to the Trusted sites, which will stop the SSL warning message?


That is an option to add as a trusted site, but I guess we are trying to avoid going to each computer to setup. This includes not only are employees but guests.
On the Cisco wireless, we are able to change the IP address to a RFS compliant address so we can get a certificate from a trusted authority.