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Corel PhotoPaint X4 transparent gif procedure

randyphillips used Ask the Experts™
With Corel PhotoPaint 10 I could copy and paste a piece of text from CorelDraw to a PhotoPaint image and then export for web and create a nice crisp transparent gif.   I upgraded to X4 and now I can't get it to be transparent.   Has little grid like mesh lines.  What's the procedure to create a crisp transparent gif out of X4 PhotoPaint.   Driving me buggy!  <smile>
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I have X3, but it should be the same for X4.

To save an GIF image with a transparent background
1.   Click File  Save as.

2.   Type a filename in the Filename box.

3.   Choose where you want to save the image.

4.   Choose the GIF file format from the Save as type list box.

5.   Click Save.

6.   In the Convert to paletted dialog box, customize the color palette and settings.

 For best results, choose None from the Dithering list box and Websafe from the Palette list box.

7.   Click OK .

8.   In the GIF export dialog box, enable one of the following options:

 •  Image color — makes the color you click on the color palette transparent

 •  Masked area — makes the protected area of your image transparent

 If you want to make the editable area of an image transparent, click the Invert mask check box.