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Backup Exec 12.5 Restore / Migration

lurezero used Ask the Experts™
Hello, i have to reaplace a file server and need to migrate the data from one server to the other. I will do this via backup exec with tapes

The catch is that the replacement server already has a pre-created folder with some applicatons installed that i will just need to execute on the clients to install from the new server. In other words, the old folder has the same name as the new server but it will not be restored


OldServer                                                 > NewServer
Volume E                                                   > Volume E
Folder1                                                      > Folder1
Folder2 (this folder will not be restored)   > Folder2 (already created and installed with new app)
Folder3                                                       > Folder3
Folder4                                                       > Folder4

My question is if I grab Folder1, Folder3, and Folder4 and run a restore to the E volume in the new server, will the restore delete Folder2 which has already been created?

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No. You can also restore to a new location and then copy and paste it to the correct location. A lot more control there.


Ok thanks. I was doubtul because once i used robocopy to restore a folder to the root of a volume like above, and i made the mistake of running a switch at the end, that once i executed the copy, it erased everything i had on the destination volume...
as for the new location, i was thinking that too, but i was told to restore "with security" so i would not have to set security again after the migration is done...i know is a long shot to reconfigure security if, say i dump everything into a temp folder in the destination server and once its done, just move it out....
You should be fine. Make sure you have a valid backup before restoring your backup...

Think of it this way... You restore one file from the backup and then it will only restore that one file, not erase everything else.
Just to make sure ensure that you tick the option for do not overwrite existing files in the advanced options.