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Open source iSCSI with VMWare ESXi

goopa used Ask the Experts™
I'm planning build my own iscsi with esxi system at home. My main purpose is
1. Stream audio/video.
2. Play SQL databse with iscsi.
3. Install thin client at different rooms and utilize the iscsi. Kitchen. Bar. Hometheater. Living Room.

Open source iscsi target I will use is IET. The operating system will be centos 5 64bit or ubuntu server 64bit. Do I really have to buy vSphere. That's too expensive for home use. :D I can live without vSphere I think.

Is there any performance issue with this solution: IET + ESXi. I googled a little bit and seems someone does, someone doesn't. Maybe due to different hardware and software configuration. So maybe you guys can give me some recommendation on hardware configuration. My initial plan for hardware is:
Quad core 2.2 GHz CPU
16G Memory
3+1  Raid 5 Total 6TB

Thanks for your input!

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FreeNAS and OpenFiler already supporting iSCSI and doesn't need special hardware.
SQL database is not recomended to running in virtual environment.
Hardware specification is depend to many thinngs.
How much the users, concurrent access, running process, software behavior, etc
I've got to go with you on staying away from Vsphere for home use

I recently setup Openfiler to work as a iSCSI SAN for a Hyper-V Cluster and it's up and running

Warning though, Openfiler guys want you to pay for the guide and their forums are sparse on setup information. I almost gave up after hours of tinkering.

If you ever want the go Windows Starwind's iSCSI target worked well for my office Hyper-V setup

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Why not but you dont have to pay...just get the free vmware esxi
Any software based iscsi shld be fine but you need to ensure your hardware support esxi so dont forget to check vmware HCL http://www.vmware.com/go/hcl
Btw...nice project you have there :)

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1. Stream audio/video.
over iSCSI???
3. Install thin client at different rooms...
over iSCSI???

Doesn't make much sense, iSCSI is a block level protocol, you can't stream audio over it or use thin clients with it. If you want to use ESXi then just use local disks, no need to seperate the storage from your ESX host with iSCSI.