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How does the APC unit work?

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I have an APC SMART UPS RT 1500VA.  How does such a unit get setup.  Do I basically plug it in and then connect devices.  Is it that simple?
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Yes its simple to use.
If using for the first time. You can charge it first for 8 to 10 hours with any load.
do you have a management card to use with it? If so you will need the software which will find it when connected and then you can set up static IP's etc

if not its plug in and go like asidu said

As has been said, Plug the unit into the main supply and let it charge the batteries for at least 10 hours.
I see that the unit supports the Powerchute software, if it iis a 120v unit. It is supposed to have these items with it:
UPS literature kit containing:
 product documentation  120 V models:
 safety information          PowerChute® CD
 warranty information      Serial and USB
Here ia link to the installation and user guide from APC for the unit that you list having. http://www.apcmedia.com/salestools/ASTE-6Z8LNR_R1_EN.pdf','&c1=Smart%2DUPS%20RT%201500%2F2000%20VA%20100%2F120%20VAC|ww-en')

You just take yourself and another hardy person and set the unit up where it is going to stay. This thing is heavy at 61 pounds or 27.50 kilos so be careful! Get it plugged into the mains power and leave it overnight. Now install the USB or RS-232 data cables, choose only one,  from the UPS to your protected computer. Install the Powerchute software onto the protected computer and configure it  and you are ready. If you have not used the Powerchute software before please see the following
Personal Version-http://www.apc.com/products/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=SDW75&tab=Software
Business Version-http://www.apc.com/prod_docs/results.cfm?DocType=User%20Manual&Query_Type=3&Value=125

This should get you started but if you run into an problem, please post and we will help.

I hope that this helps.