How to Uninstall Joomfish?

drgreg1408 used Ask the Experts™
I currently use Joomfish to maintain a dual English-Spanish website. Every article in English is also represented in Spanish through Joomfish.

I have decided to discontinue the Spanish version of the site. So, I want to uninstall Joomfish from the Joomla site.

Does anyone know any potential problems I could run into if I do this? Or is this pretty straight-forward using the extension uninstaller?
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You should be able to remove the extension from your Joomla amdin panel. Do not forget to take full backup before you remove the extension.
Allan NisbetOwner at Storm IT Solutions LTD
If you occur any issues with the site using the uninstaller remember to remove the files on the server


and any modules as well.

Then you can choose whether or not to delete the records in teh database.

Also make sure you remove links on the site.

For SEO purposes, I would setup 303 redirects on the old spanish pages directing to the english pages, so as any users who have old bookmarks dont just get an error when visting.

You could even do a mid splash page which explains why you stopped spanish support.

All about keeping your customers happy and informed.



Thanks guys for the excellent advice. It looks like the uninstall went without a hitch.
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Sorry I did not get in time to this one, but for anyone reading this post in the future here is my procedure for clean unistall:

1) Always make a backup before installing a component (that's Files and DB or use Akeeba)
2) Use the install/unistall to unistall components, mods and plugins but take a backup first
3) Most components leave their tables in the DB. They are OK there and won't interfere except for adding weight.  go to phpMyAdmin click on the DB, select the tables and choose "Drop"

Mostly, remember to backup. If you use a Cpanel based server it's a piece of cake:
Select all the Joomla files/folders and compress to ZIP > Download
Go to "Backups in Cpanel > Download relative DB

Always unistall Extensions you no longer use. They linger in the file system and in time they become targets for hackers to gain access into your site.

On my own site I used to have "MyBlog" installed. I still find potential hacks trying to get into my site by using strings like this one:


and so on. Cleasrly they are trying to navigate my file structure using a vulnerability in MyBlog. Except it's no longer there.

Hope this helps someone.


Thanks conticreative,

Your instructions are also very helpful. I will go through this process tonight.
You are welcome. Since I am writing for posterity, I wanted to add something a lot of people make the mistake of doing.

I have seen on many sites beginners that instead of unistalling a component went to the server and deleted the com_component folder (one or both of them in some cases).

Joomla absolutely chokes with that. It will still show the component in the list (sometimes only in the Installed components list) but it'll be unable to do much else. It will also prevent you from installing a new version ands all sorts of weird behavior.,

A fairly easy thing to try (which should work on 95% of components except for the ones that install a bunch of stuff all over) is to install the component on a throw away site and move the folders over to the live site. Considering it takes 7:45 mm:ss to install Joomla it's easier to do that than trying to mess with the DB and other stuff.

Results may vary but ultimately restoring the component folders usually does the trick.

If trying to install again one should unistall as usual. Also remember that usually a component will also install a language file (or two). So those need to be looked at in case of weird messages.

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