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Video and Audio drivers for motherboard MSI N1996

DukeDuke used Ask the Experts™
Can someone help me with the following audio and video links or drivers for the motherboard MSI N1996. I am using XP Professional and this board has 3x PCI slots and 1x AGP slot.
Thanks in advanced for your help.
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Top Expert 2013
is that number correct  ?  MSI N1996 ?  unexistant at msi
anyhow, here the drivers download page :  http://www.msi.com/index.php?func=downloadindex
Check here for more info

"...Hi, well you guys have all been fooled by the N1996 in big alphanumerics. That some Australian certification number. The normal place for board numbers is between the PCI slots on most brands of motherboard. If you look there you will see MS-6178 ver x.x or some other number...
Ok the mystery is solved, the board is not N1996 but MS 6178 ver 1.1 in my True Blue PC. Go to MSI Global ? Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Desktop, Mainboard, Graphics and more Bios, driver, manuals, everything!

so ignore the N1996 on any board...and keep looking for the number between the slots...."

So you need to check into the box for the correct serail number and then look it up on the msi site.
Top Expert 2013