Can you cleanly remove a USB backup destination from BESR (or Ghost)?

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Hi All,

Here is the situation.  BESR is setup with a few jobs that each go to a separate USB destination (for a rotation).  As long as the BESR service is running, you cannot cleanly remove the USB drive.  We have tested two different OS'es.  In Windows XP, it won't ever let you remove the drive via the "safely remove" icon.  It always says it's in use till you kill the BESR service.  Under Windows 7, it says you can safely remove it, but then throws a Event ID 11 when you do (and running the handle app shows that BESR has it in use the whole time).  

We have searched Symantec's website tirelessly. They have a few documents that admit this "issue" and they say it's because BESR constantly monitors backup locations.  There fix was to uncheck the option to monitor backup destinations for used space under "Manage backup destinations."  This doesn't seem to make a difference though.

Anyone found a way around this?  It doesn't throw any errors in BESR, but if your using USB destinations, check our event system log.

Thanks!     (PS:  We tested this on Ghost 15 for the fun of it since it's virtually the same program, same result).

According to Microsoft Enterprise Support, the Hard disk number and the DR number should match.  However, we get random numbers at the end.  IE: \Device\HardDisk1\DR5, then the error can be shown with \Device\HardDisk1\DR1, and then \Device\HardDisk1\DR2, etc.  We do rotate three drives (and they all throw it), but more interestingly this evening while troubleshooting the same drive was inserted the whole time and after a while it stopped throwing \Device\HardDisk1\DR8 and moved on to throwing \Device\HardDisk1\DR1's

The error is "The Driver Detected A Controller Error On \Device\HardDisk1\DR#"  and that # changes as stated above.

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I found a forum,where the poster has created an elaborate routine that he claims works with any number of USB drive rotations. Maybe it will work for you:


Thanks.  We found that link already.  That does help get past the USB drive alias issue in new versions of BESR, but doesn't seem to apply to cleanly removing the drive.


Although its not exactly what we are looking for, there were some helpful tips on that page. Thanks!

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