could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.StdFormat'

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I've compiled the codes and built an installer. The program works on my development machine. If I install on another test machine (fresh install) ... running the program causes this error:

Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.StdFormat, Version=7.0.33000.00". The system cannot file the file specified.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Will adding the 'Microsoft.StdFormat' in References and setting False for Copy Local solve this problem?

Any help is much appreciated ... thanks.
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Akin DeluI’m a software engineer, tech enthusiast and UI/UX lover.

Add the library "Microsoft.StdFormat" to the installer application, then build together.
Leave the Copy Local as true


Thanks for the prompt reply!

Whats the difference if I set Copy Local as False? Isn't "Microsoft.StdFormat" part of the .NET install?

And how come it wasn't picked up during compile ... what's this library used for anyway?


I’m a software engineer, tech enthusiast and UI/UX lover.
When you set the copy local as false, the library will not be copied to you bin folder, its good to set it to true when you are using a third party library. Microsoft.StdFormat is a library in dotnet framework 1.1 and most machines lately comes with 2.0 or higher.
I don't really know what the library is used for, matbe some googling will help.


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