Email forwarding from one domain to another account by account or full domain

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we have recently been taken over by another company and are in the process of a mail migration - however i would like to do it in batches and wondered if there is an easy way to have mail received at @xyz forwarded to @abc and whether this can be done on an account by account basis (and will the user know it has been forwarded from anything in the message?) and also how to just forward the entire domain (once everything has been migrated so i can turn off the exchange box)

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it can be done on an account per account basis and no the sender will not know it was forwarded.

what exchagne version are you using ?

I guess ADmodify.exe can perform it . youmay add same domain email address  to all user in a specific OU.
as long as you are using exchange 2000 or above, this is a simple matter of creating a contact for the new email and hide it from the exchange address list.

you then go into the user account (or exchange console user object if 2007/2010) and go to the Mail Flow Settings -> Delivery options -> slct the Forward to: checkbox and select the contact you wish to forward the mail to.

if you want to keep a copy of the mail in the mailbox on this server, select the Deliver to both checkbox

there is no trace that it has come from the other server except the fact that it still says the mail has been sent to the original email address and if you have any transport rules in place such as a signature on all external emails, it will be added.

from ad modify you can make changes for all selected user in bulk .


thanks worked a treat

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