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I don't know since when my windows explorer's search function had became the "windows Search".  As I recalled, when I right click a folder, and choose "Search", the search box would come up, where I can type the name of the file to search for, there is also an advance button underneath, where I can choose search by file size, date... and so on.

I had updated my xp with all the latest patches and hotfix from the windows update site, and now, whenever I choose "search", the "windows search".  Acutally, I wouldn't mind that the layout changes, but seems like for this windows search to work, the drives need indexing.  However, indexing the drive takes processing power and slows the computer, and I had disabled that.  So, I can't search anything now.

Is there anyway to revert it back to the classic way that Windows XP was originally built?  Thank you very much.
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Windows search is an upgraded version to builtin search function. Its installed when you updated your system with latest patches and hotfix.

to revert you need to uninstall windows search.
But windows search is new version with more functions.


Thanks reuban for your quick reply.  does it must work along with indexing?  otherwise, the search would return a message similar to "your drive /folder is not indexed"?

You can bring up the search in Explorer, but if you right-click a folder you get the traditional search.

Tested it on my XP Mode - Windows 7 makes the search even more inbuilt...

Do ensure the keyname us "Use Search Asst" and the value is "no". Keep the same upper/lower case and spacing for this to work.
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Hi David, thanks... but that didn't work.  This article seems to be a few years old, and the "old" and "new" versions are not what I am seeing right now.  actually, what I wanted to do is change from this lastest "windows search" back to what it stated as "new" in that article.  

The windows search that i want to get rid off is this from the attached image. As you can see, when i typed *.txt, it showed on the top that it cannot search, because that folder is not indexed.  I, however, preferred that my computer doesn't index for performance reason.


I uninstalled the "Windows Search 4.0" from add/remove program, and now it's back to the old classic mode.  thanks!

yes it must work along indexing.
it makes searches faster but it takes little resources. anyway in vista seven is enabled by defaault and is necessary for eg to connect a folder to a sever share.
higly recomanded to leave it enabled and to enable indexing.

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