Cannot configure EXP3000 storage on LSI adapter

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I have a IBM x346 server with a LSI storage adapter and two storage systems, one DS3200 and one EXP3000.
Windows 2003 is installed on internal disks.

I use MegaRAID Storage Manager from LSI and it see the disks in the storage systems, but I CANNOT CONFIGURE THEM!
Its not possible to do anything in the MSM besides viewing. And yes, i logged in with FULL access.

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First, did you wire it correctly?  Look here

Are they daisy-chained properly (as shown in manual)

I do not understand when you say you use the MSM, can see the disks but can not configure them.  EXACTLY how are you trying to configure them, do you get an error message, or  what is the message?  Can you configure something simple, like a 2-disk RAID1?  

Have you checked to see that you have latest and correct MPT firmware & drivers?

What model of controller are you using, what firmware is on it?  


Controller has two connections, one goes to the DS3200 and one goes to the EXP3000.

There is nothing i can do in MSM. Nothing like "right-click/configure" stuff.
And many things are greyed out. But i can see all disks.

Also i tried to go with only one storage system at the time (to eliminate setup problem) but that didnt change anything.
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Also, either you have hardware problems, or don't have the hardware or software configured properly, Without knowing full details, then neither I nor anybody else can tell you what is wrong.  The more information you supply, and the less info you leave open to interpretation, the higher the probability this will be resolved quickly.  

Based on your response, I can not even assess whether or not you have the 2 cables that tie the enclosures to controller done properly.  Post a digital picture if you must, but try to appreciate your response doesn't tell me or anybody else if you even have it wired properly.  Did you look at the PDF pictures?  You have multiple in/out ports on both enclosures, with LEDs, and there are what, 15 wrong ways to tie the devices together and only 1 right way?
Your right, more information is needed, sorry about that, i was pretty lost. In the meantime i found out that its not possible to setup anything with the mentioned application, another application is required which i just downloaded.

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