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mcafee and file intensive applications

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hi, this one is about mcaffe antivirus and an application that generates and edits multiple files. we developed an imagehandling application using tcpip communication between a server and multiple client computers. we found that if mcaffe is running on the client computer, the client app frequently hangs. the question is: is there any way to make mcaffe disgard the files we are creating on the client computer by recieving them from the server as a filestream or any files the client app is saving or adding to ? the app is writen in delphi. just diabling mcafee is imposible because the client is running one a customer machine where mcafee is required... thanks for any help or insight
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McAfee has options to exclude folders, extensions or processes. Could be in slightly different places depending on what version/software you are running but you should be able to find an exclusions tab in your preferences.