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I have been testing SCCM (v: 4.00.6221.1000) OS deployment for the past few months and am nearing completion. I have everything setup to allow PXE boot installations of Windows XP SP3. It was all working perfectly until I started to add USMT to the mix.

I have setup a task sequence (using the automated "Install an existing image package):

I go into Control Panel on a test machine, run the task sequence. Everything happens as expected, it captures user settings (I can see them being upoaded to the USMT share on the SCCM server), pulls down the WIM file and reboots. Once in PE it sets Windows up and installs all the drivers correctly. It goes through Windows minisetup (setting up network, joining to domain etc..) fine. It also installs the SCCM client.

At this point the PC reboots and loads Windows XP. At this load I see the SCCM background appear for a split second and then the PC restarts. After this restart it doesn't continue with copying the user settings backand sits at the login prompt. When I login, the PC displays an error box which reads "winlogon.exe encountered a problem and needed to close". I suspect SCCM had an issue auto logging into to Windows to complete the final part of the task sequence, but for the life of me I can't figure out why.

The machine also doesn't have the SCCM client installed at this point, although I suspect this needed finalising at the same point as USMT.

Also, there are no SCCM log files on the test client, at all. It either hasn't created them or has lost them.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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It seems that the install is failing to install the SCCM client and therefore can't restore the user's data.

What error message is being reported back to the TS web report?

What are your Installation properties for "Setup windows and ConfigMgr"?


The installation properties are whatever it sets up as standard using the create new task sequence wizard.

Also, how do I access the TS web report? My experience has been self taught so I'm still learning.

Thank you for your response.
The web report will be listed in the right pane when you click on Operating System Deployment


On a side note, is there any way of getting a newly imaged machine to communicate with the SCCM server faster? I'm having to wait several hours between tests as I only have one machine.

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