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access through remote app

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We have a access database on our TS server. this database can be accessed through remote app.

Now, I am stuck with the security warnings.there are some macros being run at startup and acces keeps throwing following error: macro action 'SetWarnings' cannot be run in disabled mode. when I then click OK, I have a security warning where I can enable the vba macro.
When I run it with the admin account, then everyting is ok but for other users it isnt.

how can I disable these errors (warnings) so that the user opens the access database through remote app without the need to do these actions?

What we already did is through GPO enabling the following settings:
userconfig -> policies -> admin templates -> MS office Access 2007 -> application settings -> security -> trust center -> VBA Macro Warnings Setting enabled with No security checks for macros
and also in the trusted locations I added the path to the access folder.
but still I get the errors

any advice how to disable the warnings?


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You should check how group policies are applicated.
Check result in registry:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


It can be added to start script for every user on TS


thx als315

added this in a bat script and used it with logon script, worked like a charm!