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How to setup multiple "internet cafes" with both wifi and wired connections with single authentication database

lakshmanl used Ask the Experts™
Hi All,

I need to setup a few Internet Hotspots (which are phsyically located  miles away from each other), which would authenticate to a central database, ideally located in a server in their head office (Eligible users will be added to this database by a sysadmin). some sites have wired as well as wireless connections.

Is there any good freeware/or relatively inexepensive softwarw which would  fit the above requirements, preferrably running in Windows Server platform?

Thanks for your assistance.

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no, i don't know any freeware software. most internet cafes uses customized software for this. since is the core business i guess you better consider an investment on this....

Take a look at untangle firewall. It's a free open source firewall that has certain add-ons that you can buy. In your case, you can install the firewall on a machine, and then use the 'Captive Protal' app (which is one of the free apps) to use as authentication. You can also couple it with the 'Directory Connector' (which isn't free) to connect to your Actice directory or other directory server to authenticate your users. If you need more help with his take a look at - http://www.e-clarity.eu/untangle


try this one, seems quite cheap http://www.antamedia.com/order/internetcafe.htm


Hello oloap88,

Thanks for quick reply. Looks like Antamedia Cafe software is mlimited to one site/network. The solution I am looking for should be able to handle numbe of remote/branch sites -  they will not be on the same subnet -  Each site has it's own DSL connection.

1) You need to set up a RADIUS server in main office. On Firewall in Main office you will forward ports to RADIUS server.
2) From each Hotspot you will forward request to Public Main office.
Thats it.

yes, i didn't even check.... trust me what you need is to consult a professional software house, maybe one that allready have developed a program like this, specialize in internet cafes, and se what they say.
ofcourse asking to many of the will give you best price.
often a software house allso give mantainace contract and is allways better to spend a little more than get crazy with home made solution and loose money with downtim, i allways say in theese caes: the more you spend today, the less you'll spend tomorrow.