Motu 828 MKII FW Audio Console Fried?

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This is going to be long so please bare with me and thank you for your patience.

A few days ago i purchased the Motu 828 MKII from E-bay.

When it arrived to me i made the mistake of plugging the device to my European outlet of 220V without changing the 110V switch to 220V!!

The fuse got this is the tricky part.

I went and bought a new fuse, a 500ma250v slow blow fuse. BUT, i got a thin wire fuse..and the original was thick wire fuse.

I will describe the following problems that came up when the Motu started and please tell me if its related to the thickness of the fuse. (the electronics store said no)

the Motu started up,BUT..i don't have display.

The indicator lights are lit up,the 44khz and the volume ones..all good..but the screen display on the Motu stays green and no welcome screen is presented or any other parameter.

The other problem is i cant hear you can see in the pics all set correctly in OSX but no sound. I tried different slots,like the analog ones but no sound,tried different FW cables,replaced a FW card to TI chip,nothing coming out. :(

The monitors are plugged in with a 1/4 jack (PL)
Is there something I'm missing here? Or i just call it quits and ship it to Motu, wait 3 weeks, pay 250$ and slap myself 3 times for being stupid?? :)

There are attached pictures to emphasize the problem.

Thank you very much for your kind help!

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I can set your mind at ease in reference the fuses. Yes the first picture is of a 250 VAC slow blow fuse called a GMD, this si astandard fuse type. I believe that the second fuse is a european type that is slow blow,to be sure I would have to have the part number from the cap of the fuse and do some checking.  But that is not the heart of the matter here. First, as long as the new fuse looks like it does not it is pasing current into the power input wiring of the unit. I have to ask you how good you are with a volt meter. I have connected 120 volt equiptment to 220volt mains before with disastrous results, I let the magic smoke out. If there was no magic smoke then you might have been protected by the design of the unit. If you can use a volt meter, unplug the unit, remove the cover, then look for more fuses on the circuit board. If there are none then I would have to say that the unit would need to be returned to Motu, wait 3 weeks, pay what ever the fee is. Or take it to a local electronics service shop and have to DC power supplies checked. It is possable that one or more of the supplies were damaged by the, to the electronics, high voltage surge. If there are more fuses on the circuit board, then set your volt meter to ohms and check for continuity. If there is continuity then the problem is elsewhere.

It is possable that the inverter unit sustained some damage and needs replacement.  If this is so then send it to the factory.

Please advise if this is helps you at all. Thanks


Hey curtisla, Thank you for your reply.

Basically your saying that the thick fuse dose makes a difference and might solve the problem?!

I dont have any knowledge in voltage meters, sorry.

And i can safely say that i dont have any more fuses built inside the device.

Would it be helpfull if i upload a picture of inside the device?

I am sorry if I was not clear enough but if the fuse is not being wiped out then the fuse is doing what it is supposed to do. The fuse's job is to disconnect the power mains from the unit, that is all it does.

Well, since there are no more fuses in the unit I can only suspect that the computer is not resetting or the clock for the processor is not running for some reason. this is not a good thing. I am afraid that the only recourse is a repair center that services these units full time. I am so sorry, I do not know of anything else that can be done.


Although its not exactly a solution, it did directed me to send it back and not waist any more time, Thank you for your help.

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