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Hi guys, if i send an email to a distribution group and request a delivery receipt ill come back with the list of people on the distribution group. is there any way of making this response anonymous? as in just mentioning that it was delivered to the group and not showing the list of emails?
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you may have to try and find a hacking accont or make another email and say it isnt you just make a random 1 then that would make sure that noone would know it was you
just to confirm, you dont want senders to get read receipts from distribution group members?

You can disable read receipts completely if necessary but otherwise youre a bit stuck as the read receipts are by definition from the individual users.


Totallytonto i don't want the following to happen:

Your message has been delivered to the following recipients:


I want this receipt to mention the distribution list's email address and not the users in the distribution group...
yep, thats what I thought.
as advised above, its not posisble with exchange unless thhere is a 3rd party app that can do it (havent found one)

The whole design of read receipts makes this unlikely to be impletemented. You may have to set the distribution group up as a user and get people to read items via that instead, as that would send a single read receipt and would come from the distribution address.


Thanks for the help!

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