Novell GroupWise Archive Issue

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Got an issue with two users. Getting "A problem with your malbox has been encountered etc... contact your administrator etc.
GroupWise Error Code c022.
I have checked the basic solutions in the Novell help, but at the moment runnign repair/Anylise/ etc tools has has no immediate result. Also tried removing the archive folder and recreating.

New to this issue with GroupWise.
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Do these users have this problem if they login from a different workstation?  If they don't then the problem lies in the client installation.  If they do, then the problem is in their user database.  Can you check the Tools | Environment | Cleanup tab and make sure there is no automatic archiving turned on?  Make sure it is set to Manual for email as well as tasks, and such.



Hi, users while they have roaming profiles I have only been made aware of this issue when they are logged into our part of the network. This is something I will ask them to check when they are working out of other offices. Auto archiving is set as default at admin/group level. This is done as part of the "user-management" to ensure that mail boxes are not allowed to increase beyond the set limits. Or so the theory goes.
Will advise if this is a local issue. Should be able to test on Wednesday. Thanks for the assist.

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