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Recently I went online and opened my yahoo mail and instant message program. Next I opened yahoo's chat which was in their instant message program.  I selected Computers and then Hacking.  There are "Lounges" like rooms of other instant messengers in them.  Anyway, I went in to see if someone could help me get a password to my yahoo account. I had misplaced mine and could not figure it out to even have it reset. This guy replies to my instant message asking for help. He sounded rather nice and sent a link for me that was suppose to give me instructions on how to do this.  STUPIDLY, I admit, I clicked on the link.  My computer was worthless after that.  It wiped out my entire hard drive. Since then I have replaced the hard drive and reinstalled the operating system.  It still seems like it is wasted.

I have since gone back into the Hacking Lounge; but, this time, only to observe. The guys profile name is Bl33d1g_Elite, real name, I believe is, Jeremy Smith.  I have personally watched him as he greets each person rudely.  I have seen him cause several guest 's computers to crash.  He has openly talked to one of the other guests about how he was able to get in someone elses computer and they didn't even know it.  There was a lot of talk  about "taking over" computers.

I would like to report this guy but I do not know who to report him too.  I thought about the forums moderator but I think he is it. I would like to report him to the police or someone who could have him removed for the damage he causes everyone.  It is not about revenge. I just don't want him doing to someone else  what he did to me.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.  Thank you

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is this on yahho?
because what you can do is there is a little flag by the email and click it and it will say do you want to report this person and then click yes and then yahho will look into the problem he will proberley get banned off this website and his email will be deleted
hope i can help:)

You can send an email to abuse@yahoo.com as well to report.


Dear Lucy and Tniemetz, Thank you very  much for taking the time to answer my question.

It is in yahoo....yahoo chat specifically; but, I also found a post in Spokeo when I put my email address in to see what searches are run there is a post that reads:

      H3x's Radio!  There is now a twenty thousand dollar hit on Robert Furman and his family (see ... Threats from Kimberly M (kimbobear1@yahoo.com) because she's an angry loser that ...

I honestly do not know what he is talking about other than my being upset for him crashing my computer.  DUH!!  lol    Also, clicking on the message sends a trojan your way....WOW What a Surprise Jeremy.  DUH  

What a puke of a person to not even know who the people are that you are attacking.  thank God I had my files saved elsewhere.

I also thank you for listening to me gripe about this jerk.  I have sent notices to abuse@yahoo and report.  Thing is this guy is a hacker and a good one, if that makes sense.  He will just return with a new id.  I just hope to make people aware so they dont get burned.  

Thank you again.  I am not going to close this post for a few more days just in case something comes in that I missed.  Have an AWESOME holiday weekend!

Kimberly  :)


thank you

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