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Dual monitor question

tmckinney01 used Ask the Experts™
I don't have much experience with dual monitors.  I just set up a system as follows:

PC with an nVidia GT9800 card
Dell 24" LCD on the HDMI port - monitor #1
Older Samsung Plasma TV on the DVI port (no HDMI input) - monitor #2

It works great, but I have an issue when I have a web based streaming video (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) running in full screen mode on the plama (monitor #2), and then click on anything on Monitor number one, it kicks the video on monitor #2 back down to normal size.  It is annoying when I am watching a show an trying to get some work done.  Is there a way to tell monitor #2 to ignore what is happening on monitor #1 so the browser stays in full screen mode?

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As far as I know there is nothing you can do here. Once your system grabs focus of another application the full-screen one will go back to normal mode. You might be able to work around it by just increasing the size of the window your video runs in to be almost full screen.

you can change the plasma to monitor #1 and the other one to be monitor #2, then you should be able to click on something in #2 without minimizing the plasma
It's a problem with flash player and from what I've tried with my own setup there is no solution. What I do to minimalize the annoyance is use the pop out feature on hulu and maximize the screen on my tv that way the picture takes up most of the screen while i work on my other 2 monitors.


I did that and also used full screen mode, works pretty well.  Plus, my video card does not give me the option to change which is monitor 1 and which is 2.