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MSDTC service won't start when moved to a new drive

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I have an MSDTC clustered drive. It’s clustered between 2 *W2k3 servers which are VM’s hosted on a ESX 3.5 server. The MSDTC drive is a virtual disk and for different reasons I need to move it to a raw device mapped disk.

When I copy the contents of the MSDTC drive which is just a single 4096kb .log file to the RDM drive the MSDTC service will not come back on line. This is after I’ve renamed the drive letters so that the copied contents from the virtual disk are on the same drive letter as before.
What do I need to do to the MSDTC service to come on-line on the new disk? This is the only content that won’t move. I’ve already moved SQL drives and application drives from VD’s to RDM’s and brought them up without any difficulty
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Your approach is based on common sense but will not work.  Check out this article: