How do I create an exe to call a web page

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Dear Experts,

I'e inherited an asp website at work which has a web page called batch_send.asp which when opened in a browser will send a report email to the client.

The client and I used to get the email every week as a scheduled task had been set up on our server to call an exe which called the web page and therefore sent the email. However the folder in which the exe lived has been deleted and there is no backup so I need to cfreate a replacement.

I use ASP.NET, C# and VS2008 on a day to day basis for web development, but have never done any Windows Forms programming. I'm guessing an exe would be very simple to create but I haven't a clue where to start.

Could anybody advise me the best way to create an exe to call a web page please?

Or failing that suggest an alternative to creating a scheduled job that would enable the same end result?

Many thanks in hopeful anticipation.
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Open notepad, type:
click save and save it as "All Files" type and name it report.bat.
Open control pannel or whatever it is on your windows OS and find "Scheduled Tasks".  Select the report.bat file and you can select "weekly" for the run rate and enter when you want it to start and your set :)
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Adding little bit to w00te, if better if you can wait some time and close the browser


explorer <----- open the web page
choice /t 30 /d y > null <------- waiting 30 seconds
taskkill /IM iexplore.exe <----- close the IE

You could try embedding a WebBrowser control in your windows forms application, then load the web page into it. You will have more control over this than you would by startign an external browser like IE.



Thanks Experts.

I've awarded the points in this way as kusala gave me the most useable info followed by w00te, and then  deccy_mcc who gets the least points as though I'm sure it's a valid solution I have no experience of Windows Forms programming and it doesn't mean a great deal to me.

Many thanks.

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