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Problems setting up a joined network, Draytek and Linksys

sypher1987 used Ask the Experts™
Hello All,

The situation thus far is this, we have a network set up at work which connects all our internal machines. The network is connected to the internet by a Draytek Vigor2800 series adsl router and the ip addresses are all manually allocated, there is no dhcp server running. We now plan to set up a single machine to function as a web server, however to keep our network as secure as possible we intend to place the web server in its own network, upstream of our existing network.

To acomplish this we are going to connect a second router to the draytek and all out internal machines will connect to the new router with the web server connecting to the draytek directly. I believe this will allow the local machines to be able to connect to the server but not the other way around.

The problem with this plan is hardware, we purchased a cisco/linksys WRT120N router to serve the local machines but i am having issues configuring it. I need to set up some static routes on the linksys but when i input the details i get a message to say 'interface is incorrect'. The interface option it refers to allows me to select either Wan/Internet or Lan/Wireless of which it is the Lan option i have selected, i have searched the internet and have found a few examples of the problems and no answers but 'It must be a firmware bug' and i have tried updating to the latest version with no change.

My question is, does anyone know how i can configure the linksys or failing that are there any other options of cheap routers that will do the job?

Lan ip details:
Gateway: (linksys)

Static route:
Subnet mask:
Interface: Lan/Wireless

Many Thanks
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Do not use just any ip numbers.  Choose a nonroutable IP set such as 192.168.x.x or 10.0.x.x for your internal network.  The system you have will work but you would find it easier to work with a low cost watchguard or sonicwall that has an "option" port for a separate IP set for your server.
What you want to setup is a DMZ as an interface to your main firewall/router. I would suggest using a device that is capable of defining various connections as WAN/LAN/DMZ such as a SonicWALL TZ100 or Cisco ASA5505, etc.


Sorry, my knowlege of networking is a bit limited, what do you mean by 'an "option" port for a separate IP set for your server'? The draytek we have does seem to have the option for two IP ranges but i dont know if it will do the job. And as for the IP ranges i wouldnt have chosen them myself but the company's been using them since long before i started so i think im stuch with it as is.
By option port he is referring to a physical interface that can be configured for a different network, and be segregated from your LAN traffic.


Plenty of help provided in finding a new router but nothing on whether the existing equipment can be used.